Our wealth of geophysics expertise at GoldSpot includes industry geophysicists with decades of experience who have contributed to a number of significant discoveries in Canada and worldwide, as well as published lecturers and academics.

Conventional Geophysics

Our skill and experience interpreting, and processing data includes fresh re-interpretations of older data from recently acquired projects that require new analysis before embarking on new data collection measures. We work with existing data in older file formats and bring that information to an up-to-date interpretive stage.

Geophysics Inversion

Working with existing historical data and new mathematical mapping techniques, we can extract and interpolate 3D models from what had previously been purely 2D data sets. We are able to perform constrained and unconstrained inversion from magnetic and gravity data, and other geophysical techniques. Our diversity of experience and internally developed tools allow us to achieve these insights using a range of input data, rather than only certain forms of existing data.

Proprietary Software Processing

Because a great deal of our data interpretation is done using software we have created in-house, we can greatly reduce the licensing costs previously associated with software packages used to interpret data in existing file formats. Using our own tools also allows us to combine data sets in ways that have not previously been explored, merging with other geoscience data like maps and structure to allow more free-form interpretation. We often use machine learning to uncover patterns that would previously have remained undetected in the individual historical data sets. Using our own software is faster and more cost effective, and uncovers more profound insights.

Our software development includes innovative mathematical solutions that have not yet been available to the geophysics community, creating novel solutions and new interpretations that are just not possible with existing geophysics software.

GoldSpot was recently selected to partner with Laurentian University as their data analytics partner in the $120 million MERC research initiative.This project is focused on developing new data processing techniques and new outputs that will help unravel the mysteries of the Northern Ontario mining region and benefit the greater Canadian mining and exploration communities.