Field Geology Services

Traditional & Machine-Assisted Services

Our expertise sits at the intersection of data-driven and knowledge-driven approaches to mineral exploration. GoldSpot enhances traditional field skills with a suite of machine-assisted services, which link traditional geology with interpretations created computationally. GoldSpot combines extensive geoscience experience with an understanding of how to best make use of the computational models we produce. Our field geologists are integrally involved in the process, bringing insight into the strengths and pitfalls of data and the ability to design the most effective data collection techniques tailored to data-driven analyses. Our expertise spans multiple commodities and deposit types from cratonic and tectonically active terrains across the globe.

Field work and related services GoldSpot offers include:

  • Data compilation, digitization and integration into GIS platform
  • Designing surface geochemical baseline studies and subsequent expanded surveys
  • Designing geophysical surveys to optimally explore for target commodities
  • Geological mapping and prospecting
  • Regional through local structural interpretations
  • Delineation of drill plans
  • Ground-truthing and assessing targeted prospects

Machine-Assisted services that enhance and expedite field activities include:

  • Automated outcrop detector
  • Automated landform, hydrology, and vegetation characterization
  • Remote sensing data retrieval, interpretation
  • Remote alteration prediction
  • Interpretive lithology mapping from geophysical data
  • Interpretive structural lineament mapping from geophysical data
  • LithoLens – relogging of core photos assessing for key features