We turn your geological data into opportunity. With the expertise to accurately target resources with the highest probability of economic discovery, we produce Smart Targets – drill holes based on the analysis of multi-disciplinary and integrated, scientific data layers.

We save time, reduce costs and provide accurate results.

At the forefront of advanced technologies, we have an evolving suite of services. At our core, all our services and technology solutions are focused on turning your geological data into Smart Targets and advanced geological modelling most likely to lead to discovery. We use cutting-edge technologies to collect, clean and interpret your data and use advanced machine learning algorithms to extract correlations and recognize patterns never seen before.


Image Analytics

Our team uses image processing techniques to extract new information from existing visual resources. We use machine learning to automate expensive and time-consuming manual work, and to create new datasets that result in more accurate models and smarter targets.

This expertise includes using:

  • Drillcore Photo Analytics to extract untapped value from drillcore photographs.
  • Downhole Optical Analytics to automate and interpret 360˚ images from drillhole cameras.
  • Remote sensing and Satellite Image Analytics to detect promising alteration and detect map outcrops for exploration.
  • Undersea Image Recognition, a new, breakthrough technology that allows us to model ocean nodule beds for mineral content.

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We use a combination of conventional geophysics to process and re-interpret older data, and Geophysical Inversion to extract and interpolate 3D models from 2D data sets. We then employ proprietary software processing to combine data sets in novel ways, using machine learning to uncover unseen patterns faster and more efficiently.

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Resource Estimation & Modelling

Combining skills in structural and geological interpretation of ore deposits with the use of innovative and proprietary machine learning algorithms, our team constructs and refines dynamic 3D geological models and resource estimates across all commodities and deposit types.

Our 3D Geological Modelling allows advanced machine learning algorithms to extract previously unseen correlations that generate Smart Targets quicker and more efficiently than traditional methods.

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Structural Geology

With extensive experience working in structurally complex areas, our team develops a deep understanding of the deformational histories of rock structures to develop Smart Targets where minerals are most likely to be found. Mapping and modelling these formations provides clear drill program guidance and mine site development advice.

Our expertise in Complexity Mapping, Lineament Detection and Paleostress Modelling allows us to interpret and interpolate older and often sparse data, and then use those results as input data for machine learning stacks that will further clarify areas of high potential value. In parallel, our Geochemists work with a broad range of assay data to categorize rock types and quantify alteration and help vector towards

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GoldSpot geochemists routinely interpret multivariate geochemical data to categorize different rock types, quantify alteration, and vector towards mineralization. These interpretations can also feed into mineral resource estimations. This expertise allows us to create detailed 3D models of geology and alteration, and also create geometallurgical domains to delineate groups of rocks with varying physical parameters to improve throughput at the mill.

Our geochemical experts interpret analytical data – such as multielement geochemistry and fire assays, mineralogical data, leach well and acid base accounting data, and hyperspectral data – from a variety of geological sources, including drill core, stream sediments (and their associated catchment basins), soil or till samples, rock chips and other mineral samples.

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Field Geology Services

Field geology remains fundamental to mineral exploration, and our team brings an integrated approach to our full range of Field Geology services. Collaborating closely with our data science team, our geologists combine traditional expertise with machine-assisted services to generate more comprehensive models, reduce erroneous activity, and develop focused plans and field programmes.

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