March 26, 2019

GoldSpot Discoveries continues to revolutionize the mineral exploration business by utilizing artificial intelligence to target on a regional and localized scale.

GoldSpot is a technology company that leverages machine learning to reduce capital risk, while working to increase efficiencies and success rates in resource exploration and investment. GoldSpot combines proprietary technology with traditional domain expertise, offering a front-to-back service solution to its partners. GoldSpot’s solutions target big data problems, making full use of historically unutilized data to better comprehend resource property potential.

GoldSpot has developed a monetization strategy into multiple verticals of the mining and investment industry, including service offerings, staking and royalty acquisition, and the development of its own artificial-intelligence-driven trading platform.

We are excited to continue to execute this strategy and to build a basket of equities and royalties.


  • The Manitou Gold partnership will bring GoldSpot’s holistic whole earth exploration modelling and machine learning technology into the junior mining space for the first time. To date, GoldSpot has only worked with established mining companies who have more sizable production and asset profiles.
  • GoldSpot has entered into an investment agreement with Manitou and other related agreements. GoldSpot will invest an aggregate of $580,000 into Manitou to purchase 7.25 million units of Manitou at a price of eight cents per unit. Each unit will comprise one common share of Manitou and one-half of one share purchase warrant, with each warrant entitling GoldSpot to acquire one additional common share of Manitou at an exercise price of 15 cents until the date which is three years from the closing of the investment.
  • In addition to the subscription by GoldSpot of 7.25 million units, the investment agreement and related agreements provide for the grant to GoldSpot of two options to each purchase a 0.25-per-cent net smelter return royalty, with respect to each of Manitou’s Goudreau, Rockstar, Midas, Dog Lake, Canamerica and Sherridon properties, for consideration of $500,000 each and, concurrently with the execution of the investment agreement, the company has entered into two royalty agreements providing for the grant to GoldSpot of an aggregate 0.5-per-cent net smelter return royalty on all metals produced from Manitou’s Kenwest property and a services agreement pursuant to which Manitou will retain GoldSpot for a period of one year in order to provide services related to the evaluation and identification of possible mineralization and drill targets on Manitou’s properties.


  • U.S. Global Investors Inc., in connection with the completion of GoldSpot Discoveries Corp.’s qualifying transaction, has completed a strategic investment in the company. U.S. Global has exposure to 7,107,871 shares of GoldSpot, or approximately 8 per cent of outstanding shares of the company.
  • In connection with the investment, Frank Holmes, chief executive officer and chief investment officer of U.S. Global, a leading mutual fund and asset management firm, has agreed to serve as a director of GoldSpot and has been appointed as the independent chairman of the board of directors of the company. Mr. Holmes is a thought leader in both the technology and mining space and a pioneer in using a quant-approach to investing.



  • Pursuant to the terms of an investment agreement between GoldSpot and New Found Gold, the company has acquired a 1-per-cent net smelter return royalty on New Found Gold’s Linear property, located in Newfoundland. In addition, GoldSpot has agreed to participate in a financing of New Found Gold for the aggregate amount of $750,000 and the parties have entered into a services agreement pursuant to which GoldSpot provides services on, and related to, the evaluation and identification of possible mineral and drill targets on the Linear property for a period of six months.
  • New Found Gold has completed the largest-ever consolidation of property within the Linear gold belt in Newfoundland and now controls 17 known high-grade gold showings. The area was initially explored and successful drilled by Noranda Inc. in the 1980s and later drilled by Rubicon Minerals Corp. in the 2000s. The Linear property covers an 85-kilometre strike length of the Joe Bett’s Pond (JBP) and Appleton fault zones, both of which are considered the major structural controls of mineralization within the Linear gold belt. Eighty per cent of the strike length of the JBP and Appleton fault zones are virtually unexplored. GoldSpot’s royalty on New Found Gold’s project is over approximately 70,000 hectares. A fact sheet detailing the Linear property can be found on the New Found Gold website.


  • GoldSpot has also entered into an investment agreement with One Bullion, pursuant to which the company has acquired a 0.5-per-cent net smelter return royalty on One Bullion’s various mineral claims located in the Republic of Botswana (collectively, the Botswana property). Under the terms of the One Bullion investment agreement, GoldSpot has acquired the Botswana royalty and has purchased an aggregate of 1.5 million common shares of the capital of One Bullion for gross proceeds of $75,000. The parties have also entered into a services agreement pursuant to which GoldSpot will provide services on, and related, to the evaluation and identification of possible mineral and drill targets on the Botswana property for a period of two years.
  • One Bullion’s primary focus is exploring the untouched Kraaipan greenstone belt as it extends north of the Botswana/South African border. It is believed the western limb of this Archean belt is the most prospective target as it hosts close to 14 million ounces of gold and platinum on the South African side. The Botswana extension of the Kraaipan is largely covered by alluvium. Thus, it never received the attention of early explorers. In Botswana, there is government aeromagnetic data covering the entire southern region. GoldSpot’s royalty in One Bullion’s project covers an area of approximately 850,000 hectares.