Amalgamation of ALS GoldSpot, Geotic & Ridgeline

ALS Limited, a global Testing, Inspection & Certification business, announced its acquisition of the ExplorTech Division (ETD) of Canada-based EarthLabs Inc in late 2022. Since the acquisition, the ETD had operated as three separate corporate entities:

  • ALS GoldSpot Discoveries Ltd, a highly specialized geoscience Artificial Intelligence (AI) business unit with multidisciplinary experts and proprietary technology used in the mineral exploration and mining sector,
  • Geotic Inc, a company known for its popular Geotic drill core logging and mining software suite, and
  • Ridgeline Exploration Services Inc, a field services company.

We are pleased to announce that on 1 April 2023, these ETD entities legally amalgamated as ALS GoldSpot Discoveries Ltd. This integration represents a more efficient corporation offering geoscience consulting, data science consulting, and software licensing and services. The combined business will continue to provide best-in-class expertise in applying AI and data science toward mineral exploration efforts.

If you have been doing business with Geotic or Ridgeline, please update your records to reflect the following changes. There are no name or BN changes for ALS GoldSpot Discoveries Ltd.

Old Legal Name: Geotic Inc. or Geotic Mineral Consulting Inc. (BN 144513462)
New Legal Name: ALS GoldSpot Discoveries Ltd. (BN 703865402)

Old Legal Name: Ridgeline Exploration Services Inc. (BN 810465799)
New Legal Name: ALS GoldSpot Discoveries Ltd. (BN 703865402)

Our core business (including business methodology and approaches, employees, clients, suppliers, & ownership) remains unchanged by the amalgamation. Geotic & Ridgeline clients will notice the ALS GoldSpot Discoveries Ltd legal name and the GST number of 703865402 on invoices issued after 1 April 2023.

A Certificate of Amalgamation is attached.

Archie Robertson
Director, Finance, North America