GoldSpot Discoveries’ utilizes a quantamental approach to investing.

Quantitative analysis refers to the financial analysis that looks to predict the behavior of stocks through the use of mathematical modelling and research. Quantitative analysis generally uses large computer systems, complex machine learning algorithms and large amounts of current and historical data to predict future stocks prices by looking at historically recurring patterns that look similar to current ones.

Quantamental analysis is the loose combination of quantitative and fundamental investment strategies.

Fundamental analysis refers to the analysis a stock by attempting to calculate its intrinsic value, done so by examining economic, financial and other qualitative and quantitative factors.

Fundamental investors study anything that can affect a stock’s value, typically using a bottom-up approach. This includes, company-specific data, management, sector conditions, and the overall economy.

The end goal of fundamental analysis is to calculate a value that can be compared to a stock’s current price indicating whether it is undervalued or overvalued.

GolSspot Discoveries advantage centers around utilizing geologic-specific data as one of its data sources. One such layer is all the drill data produced and released by companies as assays become available.

An algorithm immediately relates the depth, length and grade, with hundreds of other variables, including directorships, the ability to raise funds, insider buying, market data, and all financial data:

GoldSpot utilizes a machine learning algorithm that has been trained with all
relevant geological and quantitative data. With the resource markets rallying,
GoldSpot’s Investing arm has the potential generate significant shareholder value.